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We are a specialist team of International, USA and Mexican certified lawyers, advising expats worldwide on divorce , real estate, employment, wills and trusts and contractual law matters. We have liaisons with the best hospitals, international schools and government offices to ensure our clients the highest quality in services. Contact us for confidential advice.

We appreciate that living as an expat, it can be difficult to know where to turn for accurate and trusted advice. Unfamiliar and conflicting laws make matters abroad a potential minefield. Our firm only advises expatriates and so on a daily basis we assist clients from every country residing in Mexico, USA, Europe and Asia.

Living in Mexico

Living in Mexico has long been popular with those who live north of the border. It is a popular place for holidays – especially with those looking for some winter sun and is also a popular retirement destination for Americans due to its close proximity to the US. The country boasts beautiful beaches, fascinating attractions, friendly locals, an all year round good climate, low cost of living and a good quality of life for all who travel there.

Mexico boasts one of the strongest economies in Latin America and also has a very strong trade agreement with the US. The capital, Mexico City, is growing at an impressive rate and now boasts excellent opportunities for all budding entrepreneurs. There is however a big gap between the rich and poor and a fine line between survival and poverty. However, in terms of international business, the country is ranked second highest out of all the Latin countries in terms of high income. The cost of living in Mexico is also very cheap, which means that many expats living here can enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Business opportunities are plenty in Mexico as it is still largely a developing country and for those people with savings or who are financially secure enough to invest, now is a very good time. It is necessary to have the required visa and work permits before entering Mexico to live and work. If you have skills that are desirable in the country, you should not have a problem obtaining the right documentation.


Taxes, Immigration & Visas


Calculating taxes, dealing with immigration processes and applying for the right visa can be very complicated. Our lawyers are expert in these types of matters and are always available to help you. 

Real Estate


 Whether you are buying, selling or leasing a property or transferring its equity you will have an a bilingual attorney dealing with your transaction for you throughout. we will ensure you acquire a property with clean title and home insurance. For more information go to Globalpintz.

International Health Care


One of the essentials before committing to a life overseas is ensuring that you have all of the necessary insurance to cover you against emergencies or any medical matter, in Mexico or at home. 

Expat who Work


 Our firm has great experience, knowledge and understanding in dealing with the legal issues of expats living and working in Mexico who require the services of an internationally based professional legal firm. 

Contracts & Civil Law


 Disputes can happen in our personal lives for many different reasons, and often unexpectedly. Whatever the problem, our expert attorneys will help you to resolve it with the right legal strategy and international legally binding contracts.

Wills and Trusts


 Will advise you on wills, trusts, probate and all other inheritance issues to ensure that your affairs are managed tax efficiently. If you are an executor or administrator then we will, following a death, act on your behalf to obtain a grant of representation and administer the estate. 


What every Expat in Mexico should know


Cost of Living

The low value of the Mexican peso against the US Dollar means that expatriates coming from developed countries can enjoy a high standard of living here. The basic cost of living is much lower than that of Europe and the United States, especially with regards to local grocery items. However, some things can be slightly more expensive, especially utilities and electrical items. Housing in Mexico is relatively cheap and expatriates have been known to buy a good sized property for less than $20,000 USD.

Mexico’s centralized economy means that the Mexico city acts as a centrepoint to the economy. This means that living in Mexico city is much more expensive than other cities and towns in Mexico.


Mexico as an Expat Destination

Mexico is a popular expat destination and there are currently an estimated 2 million expats living in the region. It is particularly appealing as a retirement destination for Americas, who find that they can enjoy a lower cost of living than that available within their home country.

Expats enjoy a relaxed pace of life and often find it an enjoyable and easy going place to live. The people there are friendly and welcoming to foreigners and the crime rate is quite low. Expats living in Mexico find that there is no shortage of things to do and the country's diverse landscape offers a variety of activities from soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches through to exploring mountainside lakes.


Key Facts

  • The rental market in Mexico is generally unregulated. This means that landlords can raise rents at a moments notice.
  • There will often be both a Spanish and an English version of all contracts. However, in the event of a dispute, only the Spanish one will be recognized by law. 
  • In Mexico agricultural lands that are owned by the local community (ejido) are often offered for sale.  Always check the legal status as you may risk losing the land at a later date.
  • Mexico has a value added tax system and 15% tax is included in the price displayed. If your are a business owner you may experience difficulties writing this off against revenue as, in order to do so, you are required to get a "Factura" (an official receipt). 
  • If you plan on entering Mexico as a resident or temporary resident you should be aware that you are only permitted to bring in household effects on a duty free basis once in your lifetime. 
  • Bills which are issued before 1993 are worthless. Never accept anything dated before 1993.

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The firm has 26 years of combined experiance, and more than 15 years working primarily with expats. Since the early days, we were determined to provide our clients with exceptional personal service. It is a tradition we have upheld, and we remain true to our founding principles that the head attorney of the firm will:

  • Maintain a close relationship with every client
  • Remain approachable at all times

Today, has specialisms that allow us to offer a wide range of legal services to both businesses and individuals.  You can find a full list in the business services and individual services sections of our website. You can consult our attorneys at our offices in central Mexico. Where appropriate, they will travel overseas to meet your needs. We have physical offices and representatives in Mexico, Asia, Europe and USA.

If you are looking for a law practice that combines legal expertise with attentive personal service, then we would very much like to hear from you. Our lawyers are willing to meet with you by appointment, within or outside normal office hours. 


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